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Armita Geravand

Armita Geravand Wiki – Armita Geravand Biography

Armita Geravand, a young Iranian girl who was allegedly involved in a confrontation with the morality police earlier this month, has died, according to state media and campaigners.

On October 1, a girl fell after boarding a Tehran metro train.

Activists accused morality police of abusing her for not wearing a headscarf, but officials said she fainted.

According to the official news agency Irna, she died on a Saturday after “fighting from brain damage.”

Armita died after 28 days of “intensive medical treatment,” according to the Borna news agency, which is linked with the youth ministry.

Armita’s parents did not provide instant confirmation.

Armita Geravand Age

She was 16 years old.

Tehran Metro Incident

The Islamic Republic of Iran News Network provided an update on Sunday, stating that “despite the efforts of the medical staff, follow-ups on the latest health condition of Armita Geravand show her health condition as brain dead seems certain.”

The case raised concerns that the adolescent would end up like Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old whose death last year while under the care of morality police sparked demonstrations across the country.

According to an activist, her parents were prohibited by security officials from sharing her photo on social media or reaching out to human rights organizations.

Armita’s parents stated in a video released by the official news agency IRNA that their daughter fell and banged her head due to a decrease in blood pressure.

Human rights organizations assert that her parents were coerced into making the declaration. They want the video taken inside the train to be made public.

However, IRNA’s video shows Armita and her two female pals going to the train. One of the females is hauled out by other passengers after they board.

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The onlooker is blocking the broadcaster’s soundless camera from outside the car, even though Ms. Geravand’s friend claimed to have struck her head on the station’s platform.

A few moments afterward, her lifeless form is removed.

In a state TV video, the parents of Ms. Geravand were heard claiming that their daughter’s injuries may have been caused by a fall, a blood pressure problem, or maybe both.

Unverified CCTV footage leaked to the local media earlier this month shows the adolescent and two of her pals making their way to the train without wearing headscarves.

One of the females is seen backing off and grabbing for the ground as soon as they enter the cabin, while other girls are carried unconscious from the house by other passengers.

It appears like several passengers are assembling to witness the girl being removed.

Later, Hengaw claimed to have uploaded a picture of a small child lying in a hospital bed with many medical devices attached to her, which she identified as Armita.

She had either stopped breathing, or her heart had stopped, according to a source who spoke to an Iranian news outlet. She was “brought into hospital in a comatose state” and required CPR.

Officials denied that yet another young woman was being abused by the state in this instance.

Masoud Dorosti, the chief executive of the Tehran Metro Operating Company, stated that there was no evidence of verbal or physical altercation between passengers and staff in the CCTV footage.

Armita Geravand beaten by the police in Iran because she didn't wear a Hijab

Armita Geravand beaten by the police in Iran because she didn’t wear a Hijab

Activists have called for an impartial probe by the UN fact-finding mission into Iran, pointing to state TV’s history of showing hundreds of forced confessions and the theocracy’s use of pressure on the relatives of victims.

Iran’s official news agency, IRNA, did not address any dispute about Ms. Geravand’s injuries in their story.

“Sadly, the victim’s brain damage resulted in her spending some time in a coma; she passed away a few minutes ago,” the IRNA stated.


Iranian 16-year-old Armita Geravand took her away on Saturday, the official IRNA news agency said, after she was told to have clashed with police over breaking the nation’s hijab legislation.

Sadly, she suffered a severe brain injury and was unconscious for a while. Armita Geravand passed away just moments ago, according to IRNA.

“The doctors’ official theory about Armita Geravand states that she had a sudden drop in blood pressure, which resulted in a fall, brain damage, ongoing convulsions, reduced cerebral oxygenation, and cerebral oedema.”

Geravand went into a coma on October 1 and was declared brain-dead last Thursday.

Under security, the adolescent was receiving treatment at Tehran’s Fajr Hospital.

Ms. Geravand’s injury coincided with the return to the streets of Iran’s morality police, whose critics claim are responsible for Ms. Amini’s murder, and the efforts of lawmakers to impose even harsher sanctions on individuals who disobey the mandatory head covering.

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