Craig Deleeuw Robertson Wiki, Age, Bio, Shot By FBI, Family

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Craig Deleeuw Robertson

Craig Deleeuw Robertson Wiki – Craig Deleeuw Robertson Bio

Craig Deleeuw Robertson, a Utah resident who was fatally shot by FBI officials on Wednesday, was armed when FBI officers met him at his house. He allegedly aimed his gun at the agents and ignored their instructions, according to the authorities, A senior law enforcement official informed NBC News.

Officials say the FBI shot dead the man identified in charges documents as Craig Deleeuw Robertson on Wednesday as it served a court warrant to his Provo residence.

He was accused of making threats to President Joe Biden. Biden is visiting Utah this week, and the alleged threat said that he must prepare both his camouflage gear and sniper’s rifle. Also, online, he plotted to kill Alvin Bragg the Manhattan district lawyer, whose office is currently prosecuting Donald Trump, the former president.

Robertson’s threat was first reported by the Secret Service to the FBI, according to an official from the law enforcement department.

Craig Deleeuw Robertson Age

He was 75 years old as of the police report.

Incident Details

According to a statement issued by FBI officials, the shooting took place at 6:15 a.m. on Wednesday when officers attempted to execute arrest and search warrants at Roberton’s residence. It stated that no agents were hurt and that the event was being investigated by the Inspection Division of the organization.

One of the officials said that Craig Deleeuw Robertson had been shot inside his house, at the entrance.

According to that senior source, forensics will be used in the inquiry into the deadly incident to ascertain if Robertson discharged his gun.

Utah man suspected of threatening Biden is shot and killed as FBI served warrant
Utah man suspected of threatening Biden is shot and killed as FBI served warrant

The Secret Service acknowledged the inquiry and the gunshot on Wednesday but said the FBI should be contacted with any queries.

The facts leading up to the shooting were not extensively discussed Wednesday morning. Lacking more clarity, political misinformation has grown unchecked on social media

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Online conservative commentators have frequently linked Craig Deleeuw Robertson to Ashli Babbitt, the pro-Trump protester who was shot on January 6, 2021, as she rushed the U.S. Capitol. A veteran of the Air Force Babbitt is revered by those on the extreme right. Some have since asserted that Robertson was murdered because of his anti-Biden government sentiments.

According to a Penn State University research released last year, the amount of misinformation has risen in the internet ecosystem, which in turn encourages domestic terrorism during times of political conflict.

FBI Statement

Because of how the FBI is seen, it occasionally makes law enforcement work harder, according to a former senior FBI officer.

The former official claimed that agents were frequently the target of threats from the persons they were looking into. And that makes the goal much more difficult to complete since it actually impacts everything you do.

Beyond the incident, little much is known about Robertson’s life. He has only ever had one encounter with the police before. According to public records, he was detained in 1997 for disorderly behavior, to which he entered a no-contest plea and paid a $70 fine.

In the moments following his passing, the daughter-in-law of Craig Deleeuw Robertson, Julie Robertson, claimed that he was a woodworker and a dog lover, but she found it difficult to adequately characterize him. According to her, the situation was “very, very difficult for the family.”

Robertson’s Family

The family of Craig Robertson, who was shot and killed by the FBI on Wednesday morning, released a message on Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

“We, the family of Craig Deeluew Robertson, are shocked and devastated by the senseless and tragic killing of our beloved father and brother, and we fervently mourn the loss of a good and decent man,” said the Robertson Family in a statement.

According to the statement, “He was naturally angry and distressed by the current and ongoing erosions of our constitutionally protected liberties and free citizens’ rights wreaked by what he and many others in our country saw as a corrupt and overreaching administration.

The family described Robertson as an older man who spent much of his time at home.

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