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Daniel Khalife Wiki, Biography, Age, Escaped From a Prison

Daniel Khalife Wiki – Daniel Khalife Biography

Daniel Khalife is a British soldier who is currently on duty. According to the PA Media news agency, he is charged with detonating phoney explosives at a military facility.

Following his Wednesday breakout from a London jail while posing as a chef, a British soldier now being held on terrorism-related charges has become the target of a search, according to authorities.

Shortly before 8 a.m. local time, Daniel Abed Khalife vanished from Wandsworth Prison in the southwest of the British city. He had been awaiting trial for suspected violations of the Official Secrets Act and terrorism charges.

In a daring and meticulously planned prison break, Daniel Khalife, a former soldier facing terrorism and espionage charges, escaped from HMP Wandsworth in London. This audacious escape has sparked a nationwide search as authorities scramble to locate and apprehend the fugitive. Khalife’s escape has raised questions about prison security and the potential for inside assistance. In this article, we will delve into the details of Khalife’s escape, background, the charges against him, the ongoing search, and the implications of his evasion.

Daniel Khalife Age

According to police records, he is 21 years old.

The Prison Break

Daniel Khalife executed a meticulously planned escape from HMP Wandsworth on a fateful morning. As the prison’s routine unfolded, Khalife seized the opportunity to implement his escape plan.

Reports suggest that he managed to strap himself to the underside of a food delivery van, ultimately evading the prison’s security measures and exiting the facility unnoticed. The audacity of Khalife’s escape has left authorities puzzled and has raised concerns about the adequacy of prison security protocols.

Background and Charges

Daniel Khalife, a 21-year-old former soldier, had been awaiting trial at HMP Wandsworth on serious charges related to terrorism and espionage. Before his arrest, Khalife served as a computer network engineer in the British Army with the Royal Corps of Signals.

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However, his promising military career took a dark turn when he was accused of planting fake bombs at an army base and allegedly working for a hostile state, believed to be Iran. The charges against Khalife included preparing an act of terrorism, collecting valuable information from an enemy, and breaching the Official Secrets Act.

Khalife’s Military Background

As a former soldier in the Royal Corps of Signals, Daniel Khalife possessed specialized training and knowledge in communications and information technology. The Royal Corps of Signals, an essential component of the British Army, provides crucial communication infrastructure and support. Khalife’s role as a computer network engineer within the corps equipped him with the skills to handle advanced equipment and systems. This military background has raised concerns about the potential implications of Khalife’s escape and his ability to elude capture.

The Manhunt Begins

Following Khalife’s escape, law enforcement agencies nationwide launched a large-scale search to locate and apprehend the fugitive. The Metropolitan Police and other relevant authorities deployed significant resources to track down Khalife and bring him back into custody. Counter-terrorism officers were mobilized, and the public was asked to remain vigilant and report any potential sightings or information that could aid in his capture.

The delivery vehicle allegedly utilized in Khalife's prison escape
The delivery vehicle allegedly utilized in Khalife’s prison escape

The Search Efforts

The search efforts to locate Daniel Khalife have been extensive. While the search initially focused on London, authorities have expanded their quest across the country due to Khalife’s known links to the Kingston area of the city and the North West. The search efforts have involved a combination of intelligence gathering, surveillance, and public engagement. Law enforcement agencies have urged the public not to approach Khalife themselves but to immediately contact the authorities if they have any information regarding his whereabouts.

Challenges of Urban Survival

As Khalife eludes capture, he faces numerous challenges associated with urban survival. Experts suggest he may resort to scavenging for food and shoplifting to sustain himself. In large cities like London, access to food and water sources is relatively abundant, with outdoor fountains and fast food restaurants providing opportunities for hydration. However, Khalife’s survival in an urban environment relies on his ability to avoid detection and surveillance from law enforcement agencies.

Psychological Impact on Khalife

The psychological impact of being on the run can take a toll on an individual’s mental state. Khalife is likely experiencing heightened adrenaline, anxiety, and stress levels due to the ongoing search and the constant need to evade capture.

This psychological strain may increase the likelihood of making mistakes or slip-ups that could reveal his location to law enforcement. The combination of fear, stress, and desperation may also impact Khalife’s decision-making and potentially increase the risk of violence.

Potential Assistance and Collusion

Authorities investigate the possibility of inside assistance and cooperation in Khalife’s escape. The audacity and precision of his plan have led to suspicions that he may have received help from individuals within the prison system or external accomplices. Providing a change of clothes, food, money, or shelter could significantly aid Khalife in prolonging his evasion. Collaboration with others may also provide emotional support and reduce anxiety levels, making it more challenging for law enforcement to apprehend him.

The Implications for Prison Security

Khalife’s escape has raised significant concerns regarding the adequacy of prison security measures. HMP Wandsworth, classified as a Category B prison, is designed to hold high-security prisoners but lacks the stringent protocols of a Category A facility like Belmarsh. The decision to house Khalife in a lower-security prison has been questioned, considering the gravity of the charges against him. As authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding Khalife’s escape, a comprehensive review of prison security protocols is expected.


Daniel Khalife’s audacious prison break has captivated the nation and prompted a widespread search. As authorities intensify their search efforts, the public remains on high alert, aware that Khalife’s military background and potential assistance may prolong his evasion. The implications of this escape extend beyond Khalife himself, raising questions about prison security and the need for enhanced protocols. As the search continues, the hope remains that Khalife will be swiftly apprehended and brought to justice for the charges he faces.

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