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Erin Patterson Bio – Erin Patterson Wiki

Erin Patterson is facing charges at an Australian court charged with a total of three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. She is suspected of feeding her ex-husband’s parents and an aunt toxic mushrooms for lunch.

Following her arrest in November of last year, Ms. Patterson has been detained in a Melbourne jail. She made a brief appearance via video connection before the Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court.

Judge Tim Walsh stated that he will make an announcement on May 7 regarding Patterson’s committal hearing, either in the same Morwell courtroom or in Melbourne. About 150 kilometers (90 miles) east of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is the little rural village of Morwell, which is close to Patterson’s house.

At committal hearings, prosecutors decide if they have enough proof to present charges to a jury in a trial held in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Regarding the charges, it was Patterson’s second court appearance. She has not yet entered a plea or requested to be freed on bond.

Erin Patterson Age

According to court records, she is 49 years old.


She is charged with the murders of Gail Patterson’s sister, Heather Wilkinson, 66, and her former in-laws, Don and Gail Patterson, all 70.

Days after eating a lunch at Patterson’s house in July of last year, all three of them passed away in a hospital.

She is also charged with trying to kill her ex-husband Simon Patterson at the meal as well as three other times starting in 2021. Simon Patterson declined the invitation to have lunch.

She is also accused of attempting to kill Ian Wilkinson, the 68-year-old spouse of Wilkinson.

After lunch Ian Wilkinson was admitted to hospital for seven weeks.

The four ill family members’ symptoms, according to the police, were consistent with poisoning by wild Amanita phalloides, also referred to as death cap mushrooms.

In Victoria, the maximum penalty for murder is 25 years in jail; the maximum penalty for attempted murder is life in prison.

Wearing a blue prison jumper, Patterson made an appearance in court on Monday.

At the beginning of the hearing, Walsh asked Patterson whether she could hear, to which she said, “Yes, thank you.”


Erin’s ex-husband Simon, 49, is the father of their two kids. After the meal, his uncle was left to struggle for his life as his mother, father, and aunt passed away.

Simon wasn’t at the lunch with the mushrooms. However, authorities claim that Simon became unwell after eating in connection with four of the five attempted murder allegations. There were three of them in the year 2022 and 2021. The day of the tragic lunch was the subject of the fourth attempted murder prosecution.

Simon’s mother was Gail Patterson, seventy. Six days after the meal, on August 4, Gail passed away, the day before her husband, Don.

Gail and Don shared a home in Korumburra, 14 minutes’ drive from Leongatha, the location of the meal. Both of them had been employed as school teachers.

Significant advancement in the police case against Erin Patterson, the suspected murder chef of mushrooms

Significant advancement in the police case against Erin Patterson, the suspected murder chef of mushrooms

Ninety percent of deaths due to mushrooms are linked to consumption of death cap mushrooms, which is what the police will claim in court regarding Gail and the two other deceased individuals. Six to twenty-four hours after eating, symptoms might appear, and a single bite can be fatal.

Simon’s father and Gail’s spouse was 70-year-old Don Patterson. Don passed away on August 5, just seven days after the meal was given.

Simon described Gail and Don as “very much a team” at a memorial service for his parents held in August. He also said that the fact that they passed away on the same day demonstrated how hard they had worked together.

Simon talked of his father’s travels abroad, including a visit to the Everest base camp. The youthful mountaineers were amazed by his dad’s strength when he

Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson, 66, was Simon’s aunt. On August 4, Heather passed away on the same day as her sister Gail.

During her funeral ceremony, Heather’s son recalled her as a beautiful mother who shared a deep bond with Don and Gail along with his father, Ian Wilkinson. Heather was a former school teacher.

After nearly 45 years of marriage to Heather, Rev. Ian Wilkinson, 70, made it through the deadly mushroom lunch. Following the meal, he lay in a coma for many weeks until being released from the hospital in September.

Ian is the pastor of a Baptist church in Korumburra. Following his recuperation, Ian preached for the first time in February, stating that Don, Gail, and Heather had “gone to be with the Lord.”


Colin Mandy, her attorney, stated that even if it meant waiting until the next year, his client preferred the committal hearing to take place at Morwell.

Mandy informed the magistrate, “If it happens next year, then Ms. Patterson’s content to wait for that.”

Mandy expressed her desire for the hearing to be near Erin Patterson house.

Prosecutors have received a list of expected witnesses from defense attorneys for the committal.

Mandy that he anticipated a three-week hearing.

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