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Gina Aiello

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Gina Aiello is a California dental care worker who was accused of making a racist slur in a TikTok video shot at a Fresno McDonald’s, According to Your Central

Aiello was accused of being the lady filmed in an August 17, 2023, TikTok video titled “Karen in Fresno’s McDonald’s.” The video has the caption “Only in Fresno.”

Aiello’s former employer announced on Instagram she is no longer employed there. According to the Central Valley, the dentist practice verified that the worker in question was Aiello.

Gina Aiello Age

Her age is not clear.

Incident Details

As reported by SFGate, Aiello raged at restaurant staff “about a soda” until a client named Luis Aceves stepped in to protect the workers.

“Don’t arrive here and attempt to degrade people,” says Aceves in the video.

When apprehended, Gina Aiello is heard saying, “F*** you, you f****** Mexican!”

In an expanded version of the video, Aiello is accused of saying, “You guys are f****** McDonald’s okay.”

“But they’re human,” Aceves points out. “Well, you should care,” he responds as she looks to suggest she doesn’t care. “You should be more respectful.”

“Who are you?” she inquires.

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“It makes no difference. “You enter here cussing at everyone,” he adds, later adding, “and you f****** yell over a God d*** Coke.”

‘Wake the f*** up,’ he said. It’s a brave new world, lady.”

She said, “I belong to the new world.”

He told Gina Aiello, “Down the f****** street, there’s Chick-fil-A for those like you.”

According to Your Central Valley, Aceves’ buddies allegedly videotaped the viral TikTok video.

“Employees were already claiming that someone was cursing at them via the drive-thru window. “We overheard them as well,” he told the web outlet.

“I was like, okay, that’s none of my business,” Aceves told the outlet. “But then she began to sit there saying everyone that if you looking at your place of work, look at what you’re wearing, you’re at working at McDonald’s, you can actually hear it on the video.”

Fired From Job

“When a clip came up with us of our staff member shouting rude and racist comments in a fast-food outlet, we were shocked,” Dr. Jack Ohanesian’s office stated in a statement. This individual has been placed on leave for administrative reasons until our inquiry is completed.”

The statement went on to say,

Racism has no place in my dentistry business or in our society since it contradicts our basic beliefs. We created our dental office by offering excellent treatment and service to a beautiful – and varied – patient community.

We think that everyone has a place and that our variety is our strength. Our diversified community is what made the valley such a wonderful place to live.

Her name is not included in the statement.

Ohanesian later stated on Instagram, “A worker who was captured on the clip shouting racist remarks is no longer a member of our team.”

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Ohanesian claimed that his great-grandpa encountered “racism and closed doors to opportunities” when he emigrated to America from Armenia.

“He and other people in my family worked tirelessly to grow into an integral part of American life, paving the way for me and future members of my family to succeed.” Our variety is our greatest asset. It’s a pillar of our life here today, as well as my dental practice,” he added.

Again, the actual statement does not use her name.

Shortly after the event went viral, Gina Aiello was dismissed at Jack Ohanesian Dentist and Dental Clinic in Fresno, California.

Ohanesian issued a statement clarifying that Aiello was “no longer a member of our team” since the practice values diversity as a “strength.”

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