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Jayden Archer

Jayo Archer Bio – Jayo Archer Wiki

Jayo Archer, an Australian Freestyle motorbike racer and community idol, was killed while doing a stunt in his hometown, Melbourne.

He was the first rider to land a triple backflip in competition and died yesterday while rehearsing that maneuver during a training session.

According to Nitro Circus, the extreme sports firm he worked for, Archer pushed the limits of what was allowed on a dirt bike to “never seen before” levels.

Jayo Archer Age

According to the reports, he was 27 years old.

Cause of Death

In his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, freestyle motocross racer Jayden “Jayo” Archer, an X Games medallist and the first rider to do a triple backflip in competition, passed away on Wednesday morning while rehearsing the move. His age stood 27.

An adored part of the Australian motocross scene, Archer was also well-known for pushing the boundaries of freestyle motocross at a time when there was little outside recognition for his efforts. Travis Pastrana, the multisport star, founded Nitro Circus, an action sports media company.

According to ESPN, he was slain while rehearsing the stunt at his Melbourne, Australia, training facility.


A prominent figure in the Australian motocross scene was Archer. 2011 saw him, at the age of 15, acquire a sponsorship agreement with Powersports Kawasaki when he became the youngest person to ever do a motorbike backflip over 75 feet.

He was one of just three persons known to have executed the triple backflip and was a medalist at the 2023 X Games.

In November 2022, he claimed, “I cannot describe this feeling,” just after pulling off the stunt. To me, this is much more than just a trick. I have spent the previous three years devoted to this one moment. There were several challenges, fractured bones, and knockouts, but I would go through a hundred times to experience that particular moment.

Jayden 'Jayo' Archer, an Australian motocross legend, died while training in Melbourne.

Jayden ‘Jayo’ Archer, an Australian motocross legend, died while training in Melbourne.

After stealing the interviewer’s microphone, Archer asks his love, Beth King, to marry him.

After ten years of membership in the action sports collective Nitro Circus, Archer’s death was verified on social media.

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The group wrote on Instagram, “The Nitro Circus family is mourning the loss of Jayo Archer.” Jayo embodied the qualities of enthusiasm, diligence, and willpower. He rode a dirt bike and pushed the limits to never-before-seen heights. He is an excellent example to all around him. Above all, a wonderful friend and human being to all of us.

The motorcycling community has shown their sorrow at Archer’s passing.

As fellow rider Harry Bink stated in an Instagram post, Jayo brightened every space he entered using his positive energy and moral principles. He didn’t have many fears, and I greatly respect that about him. Even Jayo may not know how much we will all miss him.

Before becoming a star of the Nitro Circus, Jayo Archer served as an assistant mechanic for many years and participated in his first event in 2012. He has been a part of the organization for almost ten years. In June 2023, he made his most recent public appearance doing a triple backflip during a Nitro Circus Live Show in Jay, Oklahoma. He also attempted to become the first rider to accomplish a quadruple backflip.

Archer, an Australian suspension expert and mechanic for Raceline Performance and Factory Husqvarna Racing, is a two-time medallist at the X Games. Last summer, in Ventura, California, he won bronze in the Best Trick competition.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jayo Archer’s parents and fiancée,” Scott Guglielmino, interim COO of X Games, said in an ESPN statement. “We are deeply saddened by his passing.” “One of the most committed and charismatic FMX riders, Jayo will be missed by the X Games family.”

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