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Mia Chloe

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Mia Chloe, an Australian TikToker vacationing in the United States, incurred the wrath of the United States after recording a video expressing her displeasure with the number of American flags flying across the country but was forced to remove her accounts after receiving scathing criticism, including from Texas’ governor.

Americans, as Johnny Cash famously sang, maybe “mighty proud of that ragged old flag.”

“I’m just going to say it… “There are too many American flags,” Mia Chloe stated in a TikTok video as she went through a suburban area in the Land of the Free.

Mia Chloe Age

Her age is unclear.

Too Many American Flags

The result of an Australian TikToker’s statement on how many American flags there are in the USA isn’t pretty.

Australian expat Mia Chloe (@meanderwithmia), a TikTok user, submitted a video to the app complaining that “there are too many American flags” as she strolls along a suburban street.

“They are on automobiles and residences. “Saw them on couch cushions,” Mia claims in the now-deleted but widely circulated video.

The TikToker said that America is the only place she has seen where flags are attached to or raised above everything that may be flagged.

They can be seen on automobiles and residences. In the now-deleted video, she claims, “I spotted them on couch cushions.

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Mia Chloe said that she wouldn’t be able to identify her national flag if needed.

The [Sydney] Harbour Bridge is the only place I’ve ever seen an Australian flag. Could not describe to you how it seems,” she added. I am aware that it is blue and has stars on it.

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But she said that because she had seen Old Glory so frequently since coming to America, she could “draw the American flag from memory.”

The Australian said, “It’s enough,” addressing Americans in general. “Let’s remain modest,”

Chloe Delete Her TikTok Account

Chloe received a barrage of criticism for her views on American patriotism, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott even wrote her a warning note.

The Lone Star State governor wrote, “Go back to Australia,” along with the video, which has since been shared again to other Twitter accounts after Chloe erased it.

After it became apparent that Americans did not like the Australian criticizing the country’s pride and displays of patriotism, Chloe shut her TikTok page @meanderwithmedia.

Abbott’s lack of comprehension of the reasons why Americans were so proud of the Stars and Stripes sparked fury in the comments beneath her retweet.

Chloe Delete Her TikTok Account

Chloe Delete Her TikTok Account

“America is overly nationalistic. I don’t comprehend it,” one guy jokingly said about the Australian.

“Yes, we are pleased to be a unique country. I offer the fact that she, a hater, yet made the effort to visit as proof. LOL,” said one user.

Someone said, “If you only understood the importance of that flag.”

Another said, referring to the pride Texans feel in their state flag, “Wait till she visits Texas and sees all our flags.”

Even a person posing as another Australian user commented on the video.

“As an Australian who recently returned from two weeks in Texas, I thought the flags’ presence to be motivational. @AussieOverLawd said, “I wish we had that type of patriotism at home.

“Unluckily, these young people lack both national pride and respect for others.” I’ve also noticed a corresponding lack of decency and regard for others.

Fox News reports that this is not the Australians’ first disagreement with Americans.

According to the source, Chloe was seen moaning about how American stores are “a trap” in another video taken inside a Walmart.

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