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by Levi Newman
Narges Mohammadi

Narges Mohammadi Wiki – Narges Mohammadi Biography

Narges Mohammadi, the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize winner, has been a renowned human rights advocate in Iran for many years.

She received the award for her efforts to combat women’s persecution in the nation, with the Nobel committee’s chairman referring to her as a “freedom fighter.” She has also worked relentlessly to abolish the death sentence in Iran, which has one of the world’s highest execution rates.

Despite being imprisoned nearly constantly since 2010, Ms Mohammadi has managed to publicize atrocities from within.

She is the vice president of the Iranian Defenders of Human Rights Center, which fellow Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi formed.


She was born on April 21, 1972 in Zanjan, Iran. She is now 51 years old.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Narges Mohammadi has been given the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize for “her fight for the plight of women in Iran and her efforts to fight for freedom and equality for all,” according to an announcement by the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday in Oslo.

The struggle for fundamental freedoms in Iran has been associated with Mohammadi, nearly costing her everything.

Narges Mohammadi in Tehran in 2021 while on medical leave from jail.

Narges Mohammadi in Tehran in 2021 while on medical leave from jail.

The dictatorship has imprisoned her 13 times, found her guilty five times, and sentenced her to 31 years in jail and 154 lashes, according to Norwegian Nobel Committee head Berit Reiss-Andersen.

The 51-year-old Mohammadi has been sentenced to more than 30 years in prison and cannot visit her husband or children.

Reiss-Andersen remarked, “Ms. Mohammadi is still in jail as I speak.

But not even the ominous Evin Prison in Tehran’s gloomy cells could silence her strong voice.

Mohammadi is heard leading the cries of “woman, life, freedom” in an audio clip from inside Evin that was shared with CNN before Friday’s revelation. This was the rallying cry of the revolt that was started last year after Mahsa Amini, 22, died while in the care of the nation’s morality police. Amini was detained on suspicion of improper headscarf adornment.

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The ladies are heard singing a Farsi version of “Bella Ciao,” a 19th-century Italian folk song that was an opposition hymn against fascism and has been embraced by Iran’s liberation movement. The tape is abruptly cut off by a brief automated voice that reads, “This is a phone call from Evin Prison.”

In written replies to queries sent through intermediaries, Mohammadi told CNN that “this time was and still is the period of the biggest protest in this prison.”


Mohammadi first worked as an engineer while penning articles for reformist Iranian media, according to Berit Reiss-Andersen, who spoke at the press conference on Friday. Mohammadi earned a degree in physics from Imam Khomeini International University in the 1990s.

She joined the Shirin Ebadi-founded Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran in 2003. Shirin Ebadi is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2011, Mohammadi was detained for the first time; she was later found guilty partly due to her affiliation with the Defenders of Human Rights Center. Mohammadi started his crusade against the death penalty two years after being granted bail.

The committee agreed that Iran has historically been one of the nations with the highest yearly population execution rate. Over 860 convicts have been executed since January of last year.

Mohammadi was detained and given a new sentence in 2015 due to her campaigning against the death penalty. However, she continued to advocate for human rights violations against political prisoners from within Evin Prison.

The use of rape by Iranian security forces to put an end to the demonstrations that started following Amini’s murder was covered by CNN last year.

To confirm several reports of sexual violence against protesters, CNN traveled to the area close to the border between Iran and Iraq. There, it spoke with eyewitnesses who had left the country and confirmed information from survivors and sources inside and outside Iran.

One Kurdish-Iranian lady, whom CNN calls Hana for her protection, claims that while being held, she observed and experienced sexual abuse. Girls who had been sexually attacked had been sent to other cities, she said.

When CNN asked Iranian officials to remark on the alleged violations, they did not answer.

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