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Ryan Palmeter

Ryan Palmeter Wiki – Ryan Palmeter Biography

Ryan Palmeter has been identified as the man accused of executing a racially charged shooting attack against Blacks at a Dollar General grocery store in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 26, 2023, According to Action News Jax reporter Ben Ryan.

Ryan stated on X, previously Twitter, that he confirmed the suspect’s identity with “sources and neighbours.” Ryan Palmeter was also mentioned in the article by the television station.

In Jacksonville, Florida, officers released images of the bloodstained AR-15 assault rifle and pistol used in the white nationalist rampage. According to Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters, the attack that killed two men and one woman was undoubtedly “racially motivated.”

Although authorities have not named the gunman or the victims of the attack, local Action News Jax reporter Ben Ryan recognized his name as Ryan Palmeter. Be

Ryan Palmeter Age

According to reports he is 21 years old.

Dollar General Mass Shooting

Waters said the incident happened at 1:30 p.m. inside the Dollar General on Kings Road. When the suspect texted his dad at 1:18 p.m. asking him to “check his computer,” the father immediately phoned the police.

But the rampage began already, and the three innocent people in the store died in a few minutes. The gunman then locked himself inside the business and confronted authorities, eventually killing himself.

The shooter arrived at the business after fleeing the adjacent Edward Waters University campus, where eyewitnesses said they saw him putting on a ballistics vest and escaping campus security. He wanted to kill students and teachers at the primarily Black university rather than the Dollar General but was thwarted by security officers.

When the suspect Ryan Palmeter arrived at the Dollar General, he was dressed in full gear, including a vest, mask, and gloves. A SWAT team was dispatched, and within minutes, a significant police presence arrived, even a police helicopter hovering overhead to seek any further suspects.

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Sherri E. Onks, Special Agent in Charge (SAC) for the area’s FBI field office, stated that the federal agency has launched a civil rights investigation and has reported the incident as a hate crime to the Department of Justice. She emphasized that looking into hate crimes is the top concern for the FBI and other federal agencies and that her office will investigate every facet of the shooting.

Another person at the scene told News4Jax that he was only seconds away from entering the business to shop when he realized he had no cash on him. He heard gunfire and saw a shooter shooting at automobiles seconds later. He told the publication that he turned around and saw a woman running and a man fall back.

Waters subsequently stated in a press conference that officials think the gunman acted alone and was not affiliated with any group other than his evil ideas.

The shooter’s father later released the racist letter he and the suspect’s mom received around the moment of the attack, which spurred the father to call authorities. Waters said it was one of three messages sent by the killer, who also sent one to the media and one to federal authorities.


The Sheriff stated that the suspect was involved in a previous local call in Clay County in 2016, but no arrests were made. He did not offer any other information.

According to Waters, the suspect Ryan Palmeter also came under the Baker Act in 2017. According to UF Health, “the Baker Act is a Florida law that allows loved ones and relatives to provide urgent mental health care and interim custody for people who are impaired due to their mental illness and are unable to determine their treatment needs.”

Ryan Palmeter's voter registration information

Ryan Palmeter’s voter registration information

The Dollar General incident occurred precisely five years after a second mass shooting in Jacksonville. According to Jacksonville.com, in the Jacksonville Landing Shooting, David Katz opened fire during a video game competition, killing two people and injuring 11.

In a press conference, Jacksonville’s mayor stated that the 2023 accused was aware of the anniversary date of the Jacksonville Landing killing and possibly planned his mass killing in “alignment” with it.

According to the Zinn Education Project, Ax Handle Saturday was a racist violence on August 27, 1960, in which “over 200 white rioters equipped with bats used for baseball and axe handle chased, beat, and assaulted Black residents in Jacksonville, Florida.” However, it’s unclear whether this affected the shooter’s intentions.

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