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Sara Sharif

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Sara Sharif, who was discovered deceased at her house in Woking, had been known to authorities, according to Surrey County Council.

On August 10, she was discovered dead, with a post-mortem indicating that she had “suffered many and severe injuries” which were “likely that they had caused her death over a steady and long period of time.”

Following a death that has generated a worldwide search, the Council is launching a quick safeguarding assessment.

Sara Sharif Age

Sara Sharif was 10 years old as of police report.

Found Dead

Sara Sharif was discovered dead on August 10 at her house in Woking, having suffered severe injuries that Surrey police stated were likely caused “over a sustained and long period of time.”

The police have verified that they want to interview Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, 41; his spouse, Beinash Batool, 29; and his brother, Faisal Malik, 28.

The council announced on Friday that the National Child Safety Panel had been alerted of the death and that a multi-agency quick review was underway.

“We are collaborating hard with our guarding allies to gain an exhaustive knowledge of what’s happening as quickly as possible,” council head Tim Oliver said in a statement.

Beinash Batool (left) and Urfan Sharif

Beinash Batool (left) and Urfan Sharif, parents of Sara Sharif

“This is an extremely tragic scenario, and our prayers and heartfelt sorrow are with everyone affected.”

On Sunday, a spokeswoman acknowledged that the girl was “known to” the council. They also stated that they could not speak further throughout the evaluation process.

The fast evaluation will assess whether or not a local child protection practice review is necessary.

In such a circumstance, organizations such as the police, the council, and an NHS clinical commissioning committee would look into the practices of the entities concerned.

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According to officers, Urfan Sharif traveled to Islamabad, Pakistan, with Batool and Malik on August 9, when Sara’s body was recovered.

According to BBC News, a travel agent in Woking said Sharif phoned him at 10 p.m. on August 8, requesting him to purchase tickets to the country as quickly as possible.

Sharif, according to Surrey police, dialed 999 immediately after arrival in Pakistan.

The group included five youngsters ranging in age from one to thirteen. Sharif’s family house is in Jhelum, Punjab, some 135 kilometers (84 miles) from the capital.


According to officials, Mr. Sharif traveled to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, on August 9th, when Sara’s corpse was discovered.

Mr. Sharif lives in Jhelum, Punjab, nearly 84 miles from the city.

According to Officer Imran Ahmed, police discovered evidence that Mr. Sharif short-came to Jhelum before fleeing and going into hiding.

Nisar Ahmed, another policeman in Jhelum, said he and his team went to the village of Kari, where Mr. Sharif was born, but learned the family fled some 20 years ago and did not return.

The UK and Pakistan have no official extradition pact.

However, Pakistan has already sent individuals to the UK, notably Piran Ditta Khan, who was extradited to the United Kingdom in April for his involvement with the 2005 murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky.

Sara’s cause of death is “yet to be determined.”

Mr. Sharif contacted 999 from Islamabad on August 10th, claiming fear for his eldest daughter’s safety, according to UK police. However, the specific contents of the conversation remain unclear.

Mr. Sharif, Ms. Batool, and Mr. Malik’s passports and flying tickets were viewed by Sky News.

Sara’s father purchased a total of eight tickets.

According to a travel agency that sold the tickets, they were for three adults and five kids and had been paid for by the brother of Mr. Malik at the cost of roughly £5,100.

Surrey Police officers have stayed at the family’s home on Hammond Road in Horsell, a community a short distance north of Woking.

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