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Zijie Yan Wiki, Biography, Age, Shot Dead, UNC Shooting

Zijie Yan Wiki – Zijie Yan Biography

Zijie Yan, an Associate professor who served as academic advisor to the graduate pupil, was killed in a fatal attack at UNC.,

The man suspected in the fatal attack of an employee at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill on Monday is a doctoral candidate, according to a news release issued by UNC police on Tuesday.

Tailei Qi, the graduate student, has been charged with first-degree killing and possessing a firearm on school grounds in court on Tuesday. He refused to enter his plea and was jailed without bond.

Zijie Yan Age

He was 38 years old, as per university records.

UNC-Chapel Hill Shooting

According to an email, when 911 reports about the shooting occurred just after 1 p.m., campus police warned students to go inside immediately, cover windows and doors, and wait until further notice. According to a witness on campus, they were locked down in their building and witnessed armed cops combing the school.

Police arrested one individual before arresting the suspect, but they discovered “very quickly” that it was not the gunman, according to James.

Tailei Qi
Tailei Qi (left) and Zijie Yan (right)

Guskiewicz said the guy was apprehended just after 2:30 p.m. According to James, the institution remained locked for a few hours after the attacker was arrested because officials were confirming they had the proper person and were looking for the handgun used.

The institution includes over 32,000 students, over 4,000 academics, and 9,000 staff employees.

According to authorities, the FBI is cooperating in the collection of evidence.

Yan Career

Zijie Yan, named as the victim on Tuesday, was Qi’s academic advisor. Over the previous year, the two men collaborated on research articles, one published just last month, and worked closely as members of a department study group. Qi is accused of shooting Yan at the Caudill Labs building, causing a campus-wide lockdown and an hours-long search as students, teachers, and staff sought refuge.

Zijie Yan has been a professor at UNC-Chapel Hill since 2019, after doing additional research at the University of Chicago and working as a faculty member at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. In 2005, Zijie Yan graduated from Hauzhong University of Science and Technology in Hubei Province, China, with a dual bachelor’s degree in Material Science, Engineering, and Computer Science. This is the province where Qi received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Wuhan University.

Zijie Yan received his master’s degree in Physical Electronics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2007 and his Ph.D. in Material Engineering from the same institution in 2011.


UNC-Chapel Hill Detective Officer Brian James said his agency would cooperate with state and federal authorities as the investigation progressed.

Tailei Qi voiced unhappiness with his job, graduate student colleagues, and “PI,” or primary investigator, usually a faculty member hired by the institution to collaborate with students on research endeavours, in Twitter tweets during the previous year. It is unknown whether Yan was the topic of these social media messages, which were usually ambiguous, obscure, and part of partially erased discussions.

“Just feel my privacy was insulted,” Qi commented on Twitter on July 18, 2022. “When I work, I’ll think I’m showing the boss that I’m working rather than pursuing my interests, devaluing the significance of my work.” That’s revolting. My self-esteem prevents me from working. Then I have to work hard to convince myself that what I’m doing is simply for fun.”

On August 18, 2022, Qi protested again about his research colleagues, work atmosphere, and PI.

“Just have a conversation with the PI to gain his promise,” he said on Twitter. “He deserves more experience dealing with these girls and snitches.” Then, we may get away with this dumb issue. Let us concentrate on nature. I’m not going to modify anything unless essential.”

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He made vague remarks concerning disagreements with his PI and other students again in October 2022: “Both the group of individuals to say that I’m inactive and that demonstrate me that they work hard rather than informing me they are attempting to consume my privacy,” he said on October 31, 2022.

“Their aim is only to disclose my PI and then control me through storytelling.” But it’s odd when I speak over it with my PI,” he wrote. “He stated that no one had spoken to him about it. So it’s all just voyeurism for these people?”Qi highlighted his dissatisfaction with the workplace and coworkers in another post on May 30 this year.

“These kinds of people might be good men, but they may not be genuine friends,” he wrote. “Paying close attention to working hours daily is juvenile for a Ph.D. student…I know many people want me to observe their work and work, but that’s not human.”

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